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High On The Har is proud to partner with Moriah Stone Jewelry to celebrate your wedding day! Book a complimentary wedding day tour with High On The Har for a bride, a groom or both and receive a complimentary gift from Moriah, handcrafted from authentic Temple Mount stone! This inspiring, once-in-a-lifetime experience includes a tour of the Temple Mount and a champagne l'chaim at Moriah's flagship store in the Old City to celebrate your special day!


The Temple Mount is especially relevant to betrothals. When King Solomon built the Temple, he established a gate for bridegrooms, where the residents of Jerusalem would gather to greet and bless those who entered. Tradition holds this gate is now known as the Gate of Mercy or the Golden Gate. We look forward to welcoming you home during your special Aliyah and continue this centuries old tradition of honoring the union of husband and wife on the Temple Mount!


Wedding day tours have a maximum of 10 guests and must be booked a minimum of five days in advance.

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