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High On The Har Featured By Israel365 News

The Temple Mount 23 Jerusalem Convention will be held on Passover bringing together Jews and Christians, in the hopes of bringing the world closer to a “House of prayer for all nations.”

The event will be hosted by the organization Cry for Zion on April 9 at the Begin Heritage Center in Jerusalem. Cry for Zion is a movement of Jews and Christians that support the Jewish people’s rights to sovereignty over the Temple Mount, guaranteeing Jewish rights and freedoms in their most holy place. They seek to achieve this goal by educating the public about the Temple.

“This is a convention dedicated to the holiest place on earth and invites the nations to Jerusalem to discuss, network, get educated, and be inspired with zeal for God’s House,” the announcement says.

The event will take place during Passover when, according to tradition, all of Israel gathered in Jerusalem after partaking of the Paschal Lamb. At the event, top Christian and Jewish speakers will lead seminars and discussions investigating the Biblical vision for the Temple Mount and the current reality in Jerusalem. Attendees will also be treated to a sneak preview of an unreleased film project about the Temple Mount.

Cry for Zion’s Christian Relations Director John Enarson explained that many Christians are unaware of the current and future significance of the Jewish Temples to Christianity.

“As a Christian, I know Jesus had a powerful zeal for the Temple Mount,” Enarson explained.“ I want the Christian world to discover the same passion for what makes this place the holiest in the world and what that means for the Church. My Jewish friends naturally have a native understanding of the Hebrew Prophets and the biblical vision of Zion that I’m also excited to explore together.”

“Together, we can also address the challenges and real discrimination facing the Jewish people today on the Mount in Jerusalem,” he said. “ We can also look back in gratitude for the important steps for freedom that have been made.”

Enarson noted that there is a gradual awakening in the Christian world to the Temple Mount. In 2013, 180,000 Christian visitors ascended to the Temple Mount. By 2018, this increased to 670,000.

“Christians are beginning to understand that if Israel is still special to God, and Jerusalem is special, then how much more so is Zion, God’s Holy Mountain at the heart of Jerusalem,” Enarson told Israel365 News.

He noted that the first Temple Mount Jerusalem Convention was held in 2018 and was focused on dispelling the hoax that the Jewish Temples did not stand on the Temple Mount. The belief that the Temples stood in what is now the City of David contradicts all archaeological evidence and the sources in the Bible but it is persistent, nonetheless.

“The first TMJC was an unprecedented meeting between Bible-believing Jews and Christians who could unite on the Biblical heart for the Temple Mount and the Jewish people’s need for freedom in that place,” Enarson said. “ I can honestly say, it opened a new chapter for many key people in Jewish-Christian relations. It also coincided with a whole new Temple Mount awareness among Christians around the world.”

Pandemic travel restrictions did not permit another convention to be held until now.

“The first convention was focused on debate, archeology, and dispelling myths,” Enarson said.

“This year we are so excited to explore our shared passion for the holiest place in the world and the biblical vision for it. That’s why we will also feature younger, passionate speakers, and people who are creative film producers and music artists at TMJC 23.”

Yair Levi, a top Israeli music artist will be playing live at the event.

“Yair is a Jewish Levite, who dreams of performing the Psalms on the Temple Mount itself,” Enarson explained.

The list of speakers includes Temple Mount activist and former MK Rabbi Yehudah Glick, filmmaker David Kiern, Temple Mount activist Dr. Melissa Jane Kronfeld, the Bishop of Israel for the General Assembly of the Church of God in Christ Bishop Glenn Plummer, and Israel365 News journalist Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz. John Enarson and Cry for Zion’s executive director Doron Keider will be mediating the discussions... Click here to continue reading.


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