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Temple Mount Minyan

Join High On The Har every Sunday morning and Rosh Chodesh for a meaningful prayer service and English language Torah lesson on the Temple Mount 

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Temple Mount Holiday Tours

Join High On The Har for on the Temple Mount during the Jewish or national holidays, festival days, and other meaningful local or international recognition days and special anniversary all year long!

Our holiday tour schedule is updated on the first of each month to include available holiday tours for that month. 

Regular morning and afternoon tour times are not available on days holiday tours are scheduled.

Space is limited to 20 guests per holiday tour or a maximum group size of 3o guests. 

Holiday tours are subject to delays, extended waiting periods or unexpected cancellations per ongoing security assessments by the Israel Police.

Holiday Tours

High On The Har is proud to partner with Moriah Stone Jewelry to celebrate your wedding day! Book a complimentary wedding day tour and receive a gift from Moriah, handcrafted from authentic Temple Mount stone, and a champagne l’chaim to celebrate your special day!

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Complimentary Temple Mount tours are available to honor any mitzvah including a birth, birthday, bris, Upsherin, bar/bat mitzvah, anniversary, yahrzeit, or to give thanks for good tidings!

Book a Temple Mount Mitzvah Tour and receive a complimentary gift in gratitude for sharing your special day with High On The Har!


 We offer livestream tours for individuals or groups of any size, including an interactive question and answer session following the tour

All livestream tours include a flat rate fee based which can be made as a U.S. tax-deductible donation to our fiscal sponsor

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