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Ritual Purity
Mikvah Locations & Support

Most womens’ mikvaot are only open at night, so we recommend that women immerse the evening before ascension. Women may even immerse a few days prior to ascension provided that they do not become impure in the interim. For a list of women’s mikvaot near you, please click here. For last-minute mikvaot in Jerusalem, please click here to contact us and we will do our best to assist you.

For men who would prefer a private mikvah, High On The Har can provide access to a private mikvah in Efrat, although availability is limited and arrangements must be made a minimum of 72-48 hours in advance. Please click here to contact us for more details and pricing. 

If you are in Jerusalem and have not yet immersed, below you can find some available options deemed kosher for ascending to the Temple Mount. Please note, we have made every effort to ensure the information is up to date, but we cannot be responsible for changes in schedules, access or pricing that may occur throughout the year. Click here to download our full list.

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