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Meet Our Team


Dr. Melissa Jane Kronfeld

M.S. M.S. M.A (exp.)

Dr. Melissa Jane Kronfeld grew up in New York and studied international relations, international law, national security, and Jewish philosophy at George Washington, New York, Rutgers, and Bar Ilan Universities. A published author, journalist, college lecturer, political advisor, and social impact consultant, she has served on the board of over 40 non-profits. Melissa has been a featured speaker at conferences around the world including at the United Nations, the White House and Capitol Hill, and is a regular commentator on print, television, radio, and podcast news outlets.


Rabbi Yehuda Levi

Rabbi Yehuda Levi grew up in Lakewood, New Jersey and studied Talmudic law at Mesivta of Eastern Parkway, and Mir Yeshiva in Jerusalem. After his marriage, he was accepted into the prestigious Center for Kehilla Development where he received his rabbinic ordination. Rabbi Levi helped found Yeshivat Har Habayit and Kollel Drishat Tzion where he currently serves as its Director of Outreach. A proud father of four, and highly regarded scholar, he dedicates his time to teaching Judaism to students of all ages and backgrounds from around the world.


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Our Partners

High On The Har proudly partners with a variety of local and international non-profits, government agencies, media platforms, religious and educational institutions, philanthropic organizations, and companies who support equal rights and access to the Temple Mount. If you wish to join our growing community of partners, contact us here.

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