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Israel Unwired: Rabbi Reveals Shocking Facts About the Temple Mount

High On The Har was proud to host Rabbi Pini Dunner, of the Beverly Hills California Synagogue, and his Lone Soldier son for a tour of the Temple Mount. While on the Mount Rabbi Dunner took a moment to share two extremely important facts that might shock many.

As Rabbi Dunner succinctly pointed out, the Temple Mount is the holiest place to the Jewish people, not the Western Wall of the Temple Mount.

Due to centuries of Ottoman rule, Jews were forbidden from going up to our holiest site. Instead, Jews got used to visiting the closest place we could, the Western Wall of the Temple Mount. Over time, people have been conditioned to believe that the Western Wall is the holiest site to the Jewish people. Unfortunately, there are even plenty of Jewish leaders who publicly speak about it, in the context of allowing Muslims to have “their” holy site, the Temple Mount, and the Jews having our holy site, the Western Wall. But they are totally wrong, and misleading everyone who listens to them... Click here to continue reading the story.

High On The Har is proud to partner with Israel Unwired to provide exclusive reports and content from the Temple Mount. Click here to follow the High On The Har feed.


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