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Help keep our fire burning bright this holiday season...

Following the October 7 attack, High On The Har convened our first ever Temple Mount Minyan for English speakers, open to people of all ages, faiths and backgrounds, featuring a meaningful morning prayer service and Torah lesson. Every Sunday at 8 AM, High On The Har ascends with guests from across Israel - and friends from around the world - to celebrate the mitzvah of ascension, to pray for the State of Israel and the Jewish people, to honor our fallen, and to give strength to the members of the Israel Defense Forces serving on the front lines in defense of our homeland. It was all we could to continue our work...

With the decline of tourism, the rising fear from expressing one's faith (even in Israel), and the mass mobilization of citizens to the north, east and southern borders - resulting in a drastic decrease in daily attendance on the Temple Mount - our capacity to ascend daily, normalize our Jewish presence, and continue the fight for equal rights and access on the Temple Mount has been dramatically diminished.

We need your help right now. Keep the fire burning bright this holiday season and support the High On The Har Minyan Project so we can continue to be a light unto the nations, among the nations, and for our nation, as we fight for our lives, our land, our love of Hashem and most importantly - the right to access His holy house on behalf of all people! Your gift will ensure our passion can be mobilized, our purpose can be manifested, and our prayers can continue to have a meaningful impact during this difficult time...

Join our minyan and secure a victory for the most important human rights struggle of our generation!

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Hanoch Young
Zev Itzkowitz
Rabbi Menashe Michael Bovit

Jonathan Schoenfeld
The Kinsey Family
Ezra Ridgley
Elisha Kuchar
Gabriel Dermer
Marc Annis
Michael Hartman
The Kronfeld Family 



If you cannot join us we will pray for you

If you cannot join us we will pray for you

A meaningful weekly message from the Temple Mount

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