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🔥 High On The Har 2022 Chanukah Campaign 🔥

🔥 Light up the movement for equal rights and access to the Temple Mount with your support of High On The Har this Chanukah!

🔥 Over the last year we have seen miracles happen on the Temple Mount. The number of visitors is higher then ever, daily prayer services and Torah classes are the norm, and people all around the world have recognized the critical need to stand with the Jewish people and our right to worship at our holiest site.

🔥 And now we need your help…

🔥 Every day Jews are permitted on the Temple Mount, High On The Har celebrates the mitzvah of ascension by leading inspirational tours and providing a meaningful spiritual experience for people of all ages, faiths and backgrounds!

🔥 Your support of our work will allow us to continue to make daily ascensions, provide complimentary tours, increase the number of visitors, teach Torah and lead minyans, normalize Jewish presence, and fight for equal rights and access for all people!

🔥 Be a part of the most important civil rights fight of our generation by making a donation to our Chanukah campaign this holiday season!


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