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🧱 High On The Har 2023 Ninth Of Av Campaign 🧱

🧱 On the Ninth of Av we mourn the destruction of our Temple. But we must also remember that the destruction of the Temple is the beginning of its restoration!

🧱 So while we honor the loss of our sacred site, we must not forget that we can still pray there.

🧱 And while we are saddened on this day of descent, we must not forget - as the Chassidic Masters teach us - tomorrow we can celebrate the mitzvah of ascension, as a community, a people, a nation, and most importantly as Jews, ascending freely, once again, to Har HaBayit, the place where Hashem chose to dwell amongst us… and the future home of our Third, and final, Temple!

🧱 Today we cry. But tomorrow we cry out:


🧱 Join the fight for equal rights and access to the Temple Mount and donate a Temple brick to the High On The Har Ninth of Av Campaign.

🧱 Because it is only with your support that we can make the Third Temple a reality in our time...

🧱 Join the movement today at


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