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🇮🇱 High On The Har 2023 Jerusalem Day Campaign 🇮🇱

🇮🇱 Join the fight to liberate the Temple Mount on the 56th Anniversary of Jerusalem Day!

🕍 In 1967, against all odds, Jerusalem - the eternal capital of the Jewish people - was finally returned to the State of Israel. Yet, the 2,000 year old dream of restoring Jewish rights on the Temple Mount remains unfulfilled…

🫡 Now it’s our turn to serve on the front lines in the fight for the holiest site in Judaism!

🪖 Join the ranks of the most critical human rights struggle of our generation and help establish a House of Prayer for all people on the Temple Mount with your support of High On The Har during our annual JERUSALEM DAY FUNDRAISER!

🫡 Here’s how you can join our army of supporters and help us liberate the Temple Mount...

🪖 Serve as a tour commander and support complimentary ascensions for the next generation of new recruits!

🪖 Join the Chai On The Har Club with a reoccurring donation starting at just $18 a month or $216 a year!

🪖 Lead a special operation and help conquer a critical mission by sponsoring one of our developing projects!

🪖 Join the campaign as an Ambassador of Freedom and raise funds in support of our goal by registering for your own fundraising page!

🫡 Click here to support, sponsor or serve right now!


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