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High On The Har Co-Founder Rabbi Yehuda Levi Featured by Ynet

Kassy Dillon, a reporter and Fox News journalist based in Boston, Massachusetts, has completed a 7-year conversion process of becoming a Jew, having undergone extensive learning to complete an Orthodox conversion.

Dillon announced the completion of her conversion on Twitter, where she thanked all those who had supported her through ״a very long journey with lots of ups and downs” and shared a photo of herself with a Star of David and the words “Devorah Ruth Bat Sarah" — her new Hebrew name.

Dillon, a long-time supporter of the State of Israel, previously worked for the Daily Wire covering international and domestic (American) politics. She is also known for her contributions to U.S. Presidential Candidate Nikki Haley’s organization, “Stand For America.” In 2023, Dillon announced she was joining Fox News.

According to a source close to Dillon, her interest in Israel was sparked by a tragedy in Israel when three Israeli teens were kidnapped by Hamas terrorists, leading to Operation Protective Edge in 2014. At the time, Dillon herself was only 18 years old.

Shortly after, she visited Israel for the first time with the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and fell in love. On social media and to friends, Dillon has described the trip as the moment she knew she wanted to become a part of the Jewish people. “My neshama was really calling out to me,” she has stated, using the Hebrew term for "soul."

In 2017, she studied abroad at the University of Haifa, and upon return, in 2018, began observing Jewish customs, lighting Shabbat candles and learning with Rabbi Yehuda Levi.

In November 2021, she obtained a sponsoring rabbi in Boston and even went to seminary in Har Nof, Israel in October 2022. Finally, in April 2022, she went before the Boston Beit Din and completed her conversion last week, going to the mikveh and formally “taking on” the 613 Jewish laws.

Rabbi Levi, who played a key role in Kassy’s conversion journey, told Ynet, “Kassy has always been a pro-Israel voice. Now that she has joined our nation, she will continue in the footsteps of other famous female converts such as Ruth, the grandmother of King David, and use her talents to spread the light of the Jewish nation far and wide...!" Click here to continue reading.

Click here to see Kassy's docu-short about her High On The Har tour, or click here to see her feature article and video in Jewish News Syndicate about our journey to the Temple Mount with conservative commentator and Daily Wire founder Ben Shapiro.


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