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High On The Har Featured in Le Figaro... and Our Founders Respond With the Le Facts

High On The Har co-founders Rabbi Yehuda Levi and Dr. Melissa Jane Kronfeld were thrilled to host Guillaume de Dieuleveult, a journalist with Le Figaro, on the Temple Mount. And we were humbled he asked us to share our story...

Unfortunately, Mr. de Dieuleveult was not as excited as we were, nor as honest in his reporting about us.

Between his fuzzy facts, indulgent inaccuracies, myopic misquoting, blistering bias, and most importantly, his failure to mention our actual mission - to establish the Temple Mount as a house of prayer for all people and not just the Jews - Mr. de Dieuleveult and his newspaper, Le Figaro, remain part of the problem, rather then contributing to its solution.

Neither Jews, Muslims, Christians - nor the region, the world or humanity - can reach a resolution in regards to equal rights and access to the Temple Mount when those contributing to the narrative choose to, at best, skew the truth, and at worse, falsify it.

We welcome you to read the article here and decide for yourself. Then we welcome you to join us on the Temple Mount to see for yourself how we can, with your support, secure equal rights and access to the holiest site on earth... for us all! Learn more or book a complimentary tour at


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