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High On The Har Featured by Al Jazeera

On February 1, 2023 START HERE, a "news" program on Al Jazeera English, featured footage of High On The Har’s Temple Mount tour!

The program, which purports to, "take big news stories and break them down so they’re easy to understand", dedicated an entire episode to the ongoing "crime" of Jewish worship at Judaism's holiest site, and the "destabilization" of the increasingly irrelevant "status quo”, which permits only Muslim prayer at the historical, “house of prayer for all peoples.” Check out the episode below.

We acknowledge Al Jazeera’s continued commitment to undermine our tireless efforts to ensure equal rights and access to the Temple Mount as a distinct reminder that we will not be deterred in our mission to establish the Third Temple in our time, so that all faiths - Islam included - can connect to God in the place He chose to dwell amongst us!

And we appreciate the response from our friends at Israel Unwired and the Israel Advocacy Movement regarding the many falsehoods and inaccuracies this "news" program presented.

Join the movement for equal rights and access to the Temple Mount and subscribe to High On The Har or book a complimentary tour today.


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