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Join High On The Har at the March Of The Maccabees!

Join High On The Har in Jerusalem for the March Of The Maccabees, on the first night of Chanukkah, and be a part of the fight for equal rights on the Temple Mount! Gather with the members of the Temple Mount movement at IDF Square and march with us to the Damascus Gate, the headquarters of the Islamic Waqf, to voice our demands:

  • The reestablishment of Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount!

  • The restoration of Jewish sovereignty over the Temple Mount!

  • The removal of the Islamic Waqf from the Temple Mount!

Join us in reclaiming our heritage and rebuilding the Third Temple speedily in our days! Click here to register to attend, click here to join the Facebook event page and invite your friends, or click here to donate in support of the march.

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